The Punisher (Netflix)

The Punisher on Netflix continues the story of Frank Castle’s road to revenge. After an impressive portrayal of the character by Jon Bernthal in Daredevil season 2, I was looking forward to this one. Bernthal does not disappoint. I enjoyed Castle’s ability to take out anyone and also the moments when he’s trying to cope […]

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Ms. Marvel to Captain Marvel

I was introduced to Carol Danvers, aka Ms Marvel, in an episode of the 90’s Xmen cartoon. Rogue holds onto her for too long and steals her powers permanently. It was surprising when I learned the upcoming Marvel movie titled Captain Marvel will star Carol Danvers. THE Carol Danvers that Rogue stole powers from. I […]

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Beautiful art by Takeda, Sana

I’ve come across the beautiful art of Sana Takeda in Marvel comics and I’m in love with her style. The first time I came across her art was in the Ms Marvel 2006 – 2010 series where Moonstone has assumed Ms Marvel’s position in her “absence”. Sure enough she comes back to reclaim it but […]

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Psylocke – the X-men Kunoichi

Out of all the X-men, I think Psylocke’s back story intrigued me the most. Wolverine does come in at a close second but it’s the genetically combining two different people to become indistinguishable from one another that drew me in. Plus, she’s one of my favourite X-men, she’s very attractive AND A F****** KUNOICHI! (I […]

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