Elite117 reporting to duty!

I’ve had my Xbox Elite controller (Elite117) for a while now so an update is in order. Unlike software, hardware can get worn over time and build quality can be the difference of a consistent performer and one that requires frequent replacements. So it’s important to re-evaluate hardware. Truth be told, it still feels very […]

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My new controller – Elite117

I do love my controllers. I spent £180 on an arcade stick because I wanted a better experience playing fighting games. I saw that potential for other games in Microsoft’s £120 Elite wireless controller. The Elite controller is quite expensive but the build quality does feel great. There’s loads of improvements that I can just […]

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Recorded offline fights

So Nth Gen Media has kindly uploaded some videos of my embarrassing play at Sakura Fight Festa 2015. The format was simple, two pools of four with the top two players from each progress further in the tournament. I was quite happy to be able to play at least three games, after all, I hadn’t […]

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