Get down!! Incoming DLC!!!

DownLoadable Content (DLC) are very common additions for games these days. They could provide simple in-game skins to full-on extra story content. But has it ever occurred to people how DLCs will impact gaming? What DLC allow game companies to do is to extend a game’s lifespan a little bit longer by offering more content […]

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Copy ninja…. Capcom?

I just realised that Capcom has based their upcoming title – Street Fighter X Tekken, on Hatake Kakashi from the Naruto manga series. For those of you who don’t know, Kakashi has the ability to copy any movement or ‘ninjutsu’ (roughly translated to ninja skill?) he sees and because of this, he acquired the name […]

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Epic Trials

Often I hear people complain how almost everything has become a lot easier hence dumbing down the next generation. This ranges from driving tests to academic achievements and also travelling to work! But a few months ago, I finally found someone complaining how difficult a game was. There were many people unhappy with the challenge […]

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