E3 2017

Now that all the news have come out and I’ve had enough time to digest everything I thought it was a pretty good showing. Xbox One X Perhaps one of the biggest and most anticipated news is the reveal of Project Scorpio, the development code name for the Xbox One X. Going into E3 we […]

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Halo Wars 2 Beta

So I tried out the Halo Wars 2 beta that’s running this week and I honestly think it’ll be more fun if played on a PC. The controls were fine on a joypad but my C&C: Red Alert experience is telling me, this would be such a better experience with a mouse and keyboard. I […]

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Microsoft E3 2016 conference

There were alot of reveals at the Microsoft E3 2016 conference and I enjoyed it. Here are some highlights for me. Gears of War 4 They started with “the big man” Phil Spencer, he had a couple of words then gave the stage to Rod Fergusson. He was going to demonstrate a section of the […]

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E3 2015

Top 5 moments of E3 This was a really good E3 filled with exciting news and some really surprising ones too. I’ve made my top 5 moments list judged on how surprising and how excited I am by the news. 5 Halo 5: Guardians – War Zone The trailer looks chaotic and that’s what I […]

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Hunt the truth before E3

Halo audio series Hunt the Truth has been an amazing journey. The characters and quality of the voice acting has been great – they’ve even got Cobie Smulders to play a regular character in the series. I was very curious on how the Hunt the Truth audio series would prep me for the big E3 […]

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