Return of the Lightning!!!

(Return of the Mack tune….) I like what Square Enix have been doing with Final Fantasy XIII. Instead of giving us something we’ve tried and played before, they’ve tried to be innovative. Giving me a reason to try their new game out. In Final Fantasy XIII they gave us the ATB system which allowed us […]

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The book is better…

How often have you heard “the book is better than the movie”? Quite often? Well, I hear it all the time from friends who enjoy reading. But I’ve come up with a theory on why they always say that! I’ve often wondered how could media which incorporates imagery, sound effect, music, actors – where everything […]

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Good bye 2011…

Very soon we will reach the end of 2011. It’s been an interesting year for me. To start off the year, my whole family went back to Hong Kong. This was mainly for my sister as she hadn’t gone back to Hong Kong since she married so she needed to sort of officially introduce my […]

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Afraid to change…

“To change is difficult. Not to change is fatal.” Final Fantasy XIII received quite a number of negative reviews/comments on the internet, largely from the same type of people – people who didn’t like change. They disliked the way it broke away from “traditional Japanese RPGs” and the shift from the normal gameplay of previous […]

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An achievements worth…

Back in the Sega Mega Drive days (or the Sega Genesis in some places) there were no achievements / trophies to collect for doing anything in a game. You simply bought the game and played it however you wanted to. Simple. Then why introduce something that doesn’t mechanically change / interfere with the game dynamics […]

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