Watch your fuel!

On a lazy Sunday afternoon, I was flicking through channels until I saw a still racing car that was on it’s roof! It happened very recently as there was talks of the safety of the driver and a safety car coming out to play. I don’t watch motorsport racing much, but I was hooked onto […]

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Pilot, your update is ready…

Guilty. Guilty of playing on my Xbox One so much that I didn’t want to update my blog! I had my doubts at first; there were so many negativity on social media – “Microsoft is so greedy”, “it’s rubbish because it doesn’t focus on gaming”. Now that I’ve had the chance to spend several months […]

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Driving digitally

I’ve never been good at driving games. Even after I got my license I was never any good at it. But after playing hours of Forza Motorsport 5, I think I may have improved. This video describes my play stlye so well – I would always go full acceleration even when turning corners. Needless to […]

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Clocked in….

Since the launch of the Xbox One, I’ve managed to effortlessly clock 72 hours on it. I don’t know whether time is still recorded when I’m in their Upload Studio but if they kept a record of that, I’m sure it’s more than 72 hours. Microsoft has also released figures of how much time people […]

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“Xbox on”

The wait Knowing my Xbox One (Day One edition) was at home waiting for my return, my working day just felt that much longer. In the end, I was able to hold out until the end of the day before making my way home. On the train home, I was wondering whether my Xbox was […]

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