Tomb Raider movie

There’s a second Tomb Raider movie trailer and it’s looking really good. Alicia Vikander is playing as Lara Croft and the story seems to be heavily based on the 2013 reboot. Which is a good thing because I absolutely loved that game – I bought it twice and completed it again and again. Vikander is […]

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Microsoft E3 2016 conference

There were alot of reveals at the Microsoft E3 2016 conference and I enjoyed it. Here are some highlights for me. Gears of War 4 They started with “the big man” Phil Spencer, he had a couple of words then gave the stage to Rod Fergusson. He was going to demonstrate a section of the […]

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Rik Henderson on the metro

So another morning and another commute to work. As usual I pick up the Metro and read it on the way to work except today, there’s going to be a tech/gaming section as per every week. I wanted to see what was going to be in there and well I was a bit disappointed in […]

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Game of the year 2015?

I’ve seen so many places compiling their “Game of the year” lists but I question whether they should be writing one before we’ve even said good bye to 2015. In my eyes, it really should be done in January or February when everything is out and time has allowed all games to sink in. I […]

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The Sprint – Season 3

The term “Sprint” is part of an agile development methodology. Developers would typically commit to smaller chunks of larger complex projects over set time frames. The idea is that programmers will be able to focus on problems and gradually reach a goal where everything is ready. It is used in many industries (banking included) and […]

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