Tomb Raider movie

There’s a second Tomb Raider movie trailer and it’s looking really good. Alicia Vikander is playing as Lara Croft and the story seems to be heavily based on the 2013 reboot. Which is a good thing because I absolutely loved that game – I bought it twice and completed it again and again. Vikander is […]

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Angel, Angel, Angel… Ahhhh

This is one of my favourite Dragon Ball Z ending songs. For it to be used in a trailer for the upcoming Dragon Ball FighterZ game just screams “MUST BUY” to me. It indicates that this is truly a game Dragon Ball fans can appreciate. Oh my god the nostalgia is just overwhelming. All the […]

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Soul Calibur 6 announced!

Oh my god! Soul Calibur 6 looks so good! At the game awards, they showed an exciting announcement trailer: Soul Calibur has a special place in my heart because I spent literally hundreds of hours playing it on my Dreamcast. Soul Calibur 6 is to be set at the events of the original Soul Calibur […]

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Paladins OB64 thoughts

We were promised that this patch will be packed with content (as per usual) and I was loving the skins they were showing. I really want that Angelic Seris skin, it just looks amazing. Also that Evie dance emote is pretty fun too. So far so good. Then they got to the game changing segment […]

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