Halo 5 Warzone Firefight

I had my hands on with Halo 5’s Warzone Firefight beta and it was a fun mode to play. It was a nice break from the other pvp focus play modes. Warzone Firefight is a mode where you have a team of eight Spartans go up against increasingly difficult waves of AI controlled enemies. It’s […]

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Elite117 reporting to duty!

I’ve had my Xbox Elite controller (Elite117) for a while now so an update is in order. Unlike software, hardware can get worn over time and build quality can be the difference of a consistent performer and one that requires frequent replacements. So it’s important to re-evaluate hardware. Truth be told, it still feels very […]

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The Sprint – Season 3

The term “Sprint” is part of an agile development methodology. Developers would typically commit to smaller chunks of larger complex projects over set time frames. The idea is that programmers will be able to focus on problems and gradually reach a goal where everything is ready. It is used in many industries (banking included) and […]

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Hunt the truth – supercut!

The Halo audio series “Hunt the Truth” has reached it’s end… well, for SEASON ONE! This could mean a season two being released and if it retains the same standard as the first, I will be super happy with that. If you haven’t been following it or can’t be asked to find episodes on Soundcloud, […]

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