Kendo demonstration

Just did my first Kendo demonstration after achieving my third Dan. Skill wise there’s not much of a difference between now and before but I feel the main difference is my confidence in performing in front of large groups now. Its actually the first time I’ve been asked to do Kata at a demonstration. I […]

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First practice after grade

Of course passing a grade doesn’t mean you’re suddenly going to be amazing. It means the hard work you’ve built up over the last few years have been recognised as good Kendo. So it was interesting to see what would happen in the first practice since my grading. The training didn’t differ too much from […]

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Kendo 3rd dan

On Sunday 19th May, I passed my 3rd Dan grading for Kendo. My friend also passed the same time as me (he was one of my grading opponents) and I’m really happy for him too. The lead up to the grading was great, the company was great, the food was good and the weather was […]

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Closing of 2012…

Wow… 2012… A lot has happened during this time. I was made redundant, I found new work, the Olympics held in London, highs and lows of my Kendo career… How exciting. The beginning of the year was a new start. I had moved to a new office so it was a new journey into work. […]

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Kendo is a funny thing. Although it can be very physically demanding, your state of mind plays a bigger part than any physical attribute. Last week I felt great about my training, I did kakarigeiko but felt I could go on forever. I didn’t hesitate and I reacted to everything. Last night I felt lazy […]

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Second place

And so I came second place in yesterday’s challenge. It was a gruelling test. I did feel weak from all the food poison recovery and the lack of practice, but that’s my fault for not looking after my own body and the winner deserved the win. Hehe, I came third last year, second this year, […]

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