Microsoft E3 2016 conference

There were alot of reveals at the Microsoft E3 2016 conference and I enjoyed it. Here are some highlights for me. Gears of War 4 They started with “the big man” Phil Spencer, he had a couple of words then gave the stage to Rod Fergusson. He was going to demonstrate a section of the […]

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Maya? New challenger?!

So we’re steadily getting more information on the second season of Killer Instinct and this time round it comes in the form of Amazonian fighter – Maya. Even with Spinals release, my main has always been Sadira. I enjoy the mind games I can express with her double jumping ability and how agile she is. […]

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Spinal Friday!!!

I selected him as soon as he was available to me on Friday 31st January 2014 and it seems everyone else did the same. It was pretty much mirror matches throughout the night with the odd Sabrewulf and Jago fighters. It was fun in a way because I got to see how other people were […]

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Clocked in….

Since the launch of the Xbox One, I’ve managed to effortlessly clock 72 hours on it. I don’t know whether time is still recorded when I’m in their Upload Studio but if they kept a record of that, I’m sure it’s more than 72 hours. Microsoft has also released figures of how much time people […]

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“Xbox on”

The wait Knowing my Xbox One (Day One edition) was at home waiting for my return, my working day just felt that much longer. In the end, I was able to hold out until the end of the day before making my way home. On the train home, I was wondering whether my Xbox was […]

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