Artworker to Web developer?

Back in October 2015, I started to write a blog entry about the beginning of my role change. I started to write it but got alittle busy to finish it and in April I officially obtained the role Web Developer title. Here’s what I wrote break in October 2015. So my last one-to-one meeting with […]

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Racist joke at work?

So there’s a new(ish) guy sitting next to me at work now and he’s chatting to my (female) colleague sitting to his other side. I wasn’t really listening in on their conversation – they were joking and giggling until I over heard the female colleague say a “joke” which was about Chinese people. I didn’t […]

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No BlazBlue CP Extend for Europe

I’ve eagerly awaited for the 1st July; the release date of BlazBlue Chrono Phantasma Extend. I’ve sworn that I will purchase it on day one, yet here I am without it. There’s nowhere to buy or download it in sunny England. It turns out an American release date doesn’t quite equate an European release. This […]

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Recorded offline fights

So Nth Gen Media has kindly uploaded some videos of my embarrassing play at Sakura Fight Festa 2015. The format was simple, two pools of four with the top two players from each progress further in the tournament. I was quite happy to be able to play at least three games, after all, I hadn’t […]

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Electric vs petrol karting

I’ve been fortunate enough to have tried out two karting places of different types of engines. Petrol and electric. With electric karts, the power felt instant and the engines fairly quiet and produces a whizzing kind of sound (think RC cars). Whilst the acceleration is top rate, at top speed the kart didn’t feel… fast. […]

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