Lego Batman

Lego Batman is a spinoff movie from the successful Lego movie. Will Arnett is once again the voice of Bruce Wayne and Batman (it’s alright, everyone knows his secret identify). Visually, Lego Batman is pretty impressive. The imagination of building things is pretty inspiring, but I feel the Lego movie tops this one in that […]

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The Cloverfield Paradox

My expectation of Netflix movies are not high after Death Note. But it was very clever marketing on Netflix’s behalf for showing a trailer for The Cloverfield Paradox and then immediately announcing it’s now available to watch. Naturally, I didn’t have much on so I decided to watch it. I liked some of the mind […]

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Tomb Raider movie

There’s a second Tomb Raider movie trailer and it’s looking really good. Alicia Vikander is playing as Lara Croft and the story seems to be heavily based on the 2013 reboot. Which is a good thing because I absolutely loved that game – I bought it twice and completed it again and again. Vikander is […]

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I watched Colossal on a flight to Hong Kong last year and it’s actually one of my favourite movies I saw in 2017. Anne Hathaway stars as Gloria, who hasn’t been able to find work for some time and has been passing time by drinking. This is a lovely drama about how she picks herself […]

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The girl with all the gifts

The girl with all the gifts is a really good (and clever) zombie apocalypse movie set in England. I like how the movie essentially starts off as a mystery and has some very good frightening scenes. My favourite has got to be how the movie ends – I won’t say any more than that. In […]

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Get Out

Get Out is a movie that has received a lot of praise and after watching it myself, I can see why. It’s a really good horror movie with a decent story and satisfying ending. Get Out is also a movie where the less you know about it going in the better it is. So I’ll […]

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