From the get go I knew the story in Polar was going to be shallow. I just didn’t know what kind of movie it is. I really liked Polar for it’s style. It has a gritty look with over the top violent scenes but what made it watchable was the dark humour. It worked for […]

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Iron Fist (Season 2)

So I don’t know what it is with the Iron Fist series, they start off quite entertaining then they just drop to just below entertaining levels. That happened with Season 1 and it’s also the case with Season 2. Although, I season 2 held my interest for a shorter amount of time. I didn’t particularly […]

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Bleach – Live action (Netflix)

Netflix released a live action adaption of the manga/anime Bleach. I loved the anime, the story, style and music was amazing. This movie, was boring. There was just too much to fit into this movie and not enough development. In the anime, Ichigo and Rukia go fighting Hollows together and so that’s why Ichigo is […]

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The Killing

Finally watched all 4 seasons of The Killing. I really like this show because other shows will focus on the how or why of a crime but The Killing will focus the effect it has on the people left behind. It’s really emotional and heart breaking. The detective duo have a great relationship together and […]

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Annihilation is a weird movie that wants to be edgy and cool but the more I think about it the less it makes sense. There’s a lot of beautiful shots and creative creatures and I do like Natalie Portman and the rest of the cast. They all did what they could with their roles but […]

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Mindhunter is a brilliant series on Netflix. It’s about an FBI agent who thinks he can categorise murderers who commit the crime more than once and potentially catch and/or prevent future victims. Yes, today, we’ll know these as Serial Killers but this is timed before that phrase was used. The cases in the series seem […]

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The Sinner

The Sinner is a Netflix show starring and produced by Jessica Biel. It’s a complex mystery that’s only 8 episodes long. No spoilers because you should really watch it for yourself. I liked this show. It had many twists and mind bending moments that I really appreciated. It felt very unique and I don’t think […]

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