Elite117 reporting to duty!

I’ve had my Xbox Elite controller (Elite117) for a while now so an update is in order. Unlike software, hardware can get worn over time and build quality can be the difference of a consistent performer and one that requires frequent replacements. So it’s important to re-evaluate hardware. Truth be told, it still feels very […]

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My new controller – Elite117

I do love my controllers. I spent £180 on an arcade stick because I wanted a better experience playing fighting games. I saw that potential for other games in Microsoft’s £120 Elite wireless controller. The Elite controller is quite expensive but the build quality does feel great. There’s loads of improvements that I can just […]

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Doatech countdown…

Time is ticking… Dead or Alive 5 Last Round will be available in a couple of hours. I suspect I will be going dark very soon… or at least once all the preparation has been done. Namely the moving my saved data to the new game. I can’t wait to play DoA on my new […]

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