Name the game winner – me!

I’m bored of listening to music at work so I’ve switched to podcasts! I thought I’d listen to news, reviews and random chatter. One such podcast is Major Nelson Radio hosted by Larry Hyrb. It’s basically an Xbox podcast by Microsoft and I listen to it for the news and how entertaining they are in […]

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Dragon Age, the story so far…

Admittedly, I’ve only played the demo of Dragon Age Origins on the Xbox 360. I was on the bench with that game and decided to go with another fighting game instead at the time. But with all the amazing reviews Dragon Age Inquisition is getting, I’m really excited for the release of this beautiful game. […]

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Don’t do that Xbox One!

I can’t stand it anymore… I can’t… gah… ***purchases Dragon Age: Inquisition on mobile phone*** With all these updates, it’s making purchasing of games for my Xbox One easier. Like today, I found out Dragon Age: Inquisition was available for pre-download and I purchased it straight away – on my mobile phone. This month is […]

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Return of the Lightning!!!

(Return of the Mack tune….) I like what Square Enix have been doing with Final Fantasy XIII. Instead of giving us something we’ve tried and played before, they’ve tried to be innovative. Giving me a reason to try their new game out. In Final Fantasy XIII they gave us the ATB system which allowed us […]

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