Pilotfall 2 isn’t for me

Titanfall 2 open multiplayer weekend was a good opportunity for me to have a second chance at the game after the below average beta. I played on different maps to the beta and I played one of my favourite modes – Attrition. It was fast and nimble to traverse the map but the lack of […]

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Titanfall 2 Teaser out now!

Respawn Entertainment has released a teaser for Titanfall 2! The first game was great and I don’t know how many hours I’ve spent on it (I know I’ve played over 1,000 matches though…). But with Halo 5 out will it be able to yank me away from 343’s stellar shooter? Guess we will find out […]

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Spare Titan?

Something weird happened to me the other day during an online session of Titanfall. Whilst in my titan, I was fighting pretty much the whole opposition on my own and the inevitable happened. They doomed my Ogre titan and I ejected. Fortunately my nuclear explosion managed to take down two enemies with their titans! This […]

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Generation 10

Finally! After exactly 8 months of frantic jet pack parkour running and summoning Titanfalls from the sky, I’ve finally made it to Gen 10 pilot. This is the highest generation you can achieve in Titanfall and it used to serve nothing more than a medal to say you’ve bothered to complete specific tasks in the […]

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