Blog refresh

I’ve kept with the same look for my blog for a couple of years now and it’s time to change it. So I’ve chosen this one. It looks clean, has a good sized featured image and a dynamic menu. Cool. Only thing is I’ve got to think about where to place all my other elements […]

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Local drafts for WordPress

It seems that WordPress has fixed the issue with multiple local drafts. I have two local drafts titled correctly and opens up the correct post. Not sure when this was fixed – this mornings update? There’s been an awful lot of updates recently, I wish they have a place in the app where I can […]

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WordPress 1.7 tryout

Finally, an update to WordPress 1.7 for Windows Phone which enables bloggers to store a working draft locally on your mobile device! It really should have been present in the earlier releases but it’s finally here. When working on the go, a connection can’t be guaranteed, so allowing people to save their content locally on […]

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It’s back!!!

Turns out that WordPress hasn’t quite fixed their issue with editing long content on a Windows phone. This morning, I tried to edit a draft page that I’m writing. It is very long so I normally edit it on my laptop. But I had something I wanted to include before I forgot about it. The […]

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