Artworker to Web developer?

Back in October 2015, I started to write a blog entry about the beginning of my role change. I started to write it but got alittle busy to finish it and in April I officially obtained the role Web Developer title. Here’s what I wrote break in October 2015. So my last one-to-one meeting with […]

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Racist joke at work?

So there’s a new(ish) guy sitting next to me at work now and he’s chatting to my (female) colleague sitting to his other side. I wasn’t really listening in on their conversation – they were joking and giggling until I over heard the female colleague say a “joke” which was about Chinese people. I didn’t […]

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Passed my 3 months probation!!!

It has been three whole months since I started my current role and that means I’ve successfully passed my probation period! This doesn’t really change anything except the fact that it’s an acknowledgement that I’ve done well. Thinking back at when I was made redundant I was unhappy and uncertain whether I will find any […]

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State Of the Nation – SON

State Of the Nation, or SON in short is a biannual company update from all the different departments. I just attended my first one today. It wasn’t what I had in mind at all, it was an update but with a lot of humour. The funny parts wasn’t forced into it but was naturally a […]

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2 months in… nearly…

This week will mark the second month of working at my new job since my redundancy. To be honest it was a good thing that I’m no longer there. I’m really lucky to have a manger to teach and guide me through my career. Since being starting here I’ve learnt so much and have gained […]

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