I’ve done it. I’ve “leapt!”

I couldn’t hold off anymore. My controller is a little busted (thanks for lasting so long) the up direction on my D-pad doesn’t register unless I hold it in position for a good 2 seconds. Lucky for me I play fighting games using my Razor Fightstick, but it’s annoying in shooters to have to wait for my weapon to be selected.

I like customisation. Of characters, game modes and hardware. So when I first saw the Xbox One Elite controller, I knew I had to get one. I have been saving up for one and today, I’ve finally made that leap! I’ve pre ordered one from Microsoft store and I’m looking forward to receiving it once it comes out (hopefully be here in time for Halo 5). I really like the look of the Halo limited edition controllers and I’m also eyeing up the Lunar White controller so I may be spending more money on Hardware. Before that though, I can’t wait till my new controller arrives!

If you didn’t understand what I meant by “leap”, watch this: