Gantz: O

Gantz: O is based on a pretty popular Manga – Gantz. The “O” in the title seems to indicate the fact that this is based on the Osaka story arc.

Gantz is a very violent, gory and sexually explicit manga. Having said that it does have an interesting story and world. When people die at a certain time, they are transported to a room with a large black ball. Here, they’re given instructions to kill a target and these missions are lethal. Being a fan of the original material this CG movie does not disappoint. It is slightly different to the original, for example, the removal of the two vampires but I think it’s for the best. Can you really introduce all the characters in normal movie times? It will be very difficult to achieve and may require multiple movies to be effective. What we have though is a very nice contained story that does the manga justice.

I thought this movie was actually really good. It had the right amount of violence and sexual content to be satisfying. I am so glad they toned down the sexual stuff i.e. the amount of rape that happens. These scenes wouldn’t really serve any purpose for the story except a really lazy and cheap way of illustrating how bad a person is. (An Osaka team member rapes a monster whilst she is in human form). They made Reika look absolutely amazing! She’s definitely my Waifu!

I really liked the action and how the costumes and weapons looked. In fact, the big flattening weapon is my favourite one. It’s just an awesome gun design. The weirdness of the monsters stayed. Especially the “boss” monster turning into a body of female bodies. That was surprising to see but it ticked my boxes because it was one of the actual transformations in the manga. It still creeps me out.

Gantz: O is a really entertaining movie but it’s not for the faint hearted. I’d recommend this to people who have read the original or have an open mind towards movies.


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