True memoirs of an international assassin

True memoirs of an international assassin is a Netflix Original movie. I had high expectations because Netflix has produced a number of great shows – Daredevil, Making a Murderer, etc. But this movie was… ok… It started off quite fun, how the protagonist re-writes his fictional story and you had bits where the story characters were acting as if they were waiting on set. I liked that. But it’s not used again in the movie because his book has been published.

I liked the type writing aesthetic style but that’s about it. There’s not much to like about this movie. There’s action but none of which were convincing. The story and turn of events weren’t convincing. How can battle hardened militia not be able to tell he’s not real? The acting was so-so and nobody really stood out for me.

I wouldn’t recommend this movie to anyone, but if you’re struggling to find something to watch on Netflix, maybe just put this on and let it run in the background.


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